This Week In Robotics – September 10, 2012

Here are some of the top Robotics news stories for the week of September 10, 2012.

LS3 - Legged Squad Support Systems

Here is Boston Dynamics really cool “horse” robot – LS3 – Legged Squad Support Systems. Here is a video that shows it in action.




Get out and vote in the other fall election: Robot Hall of Fame opens voting to the public. Be sure to get your vote in for your favorite robot. Now is the time to vote. For more information, see the Ars Technica article. Voting ends September 30.


Local youth robotics program at CSC. This is news about a FIRST Robotics team in Galesburg, Ill. Glad to see other teams making it into their newspaper.


Shimi Robot DJEveryone needs a personal robot DJ. Shimi is one that you can buy and start enjoying your music along with your little robot friend.





The last story is about the BeBionic hand. This is a prosthetic hand that can help people who have lost their hand. Pretty cool stuff. Be sure to watch the video. Latest BeBionic hand has stronger kung-fu grip.


Off Season: 2012

It has been a great year of competition and we would like to congratulate and thank all the other robotics teams for a great 2012 season. We are looking forward to next years competition.

Even though it is the off season, we participate in many fun activities, ranging from improving workshop and meeting area to participating in activities such as laser tag or watching movies. We have already started constructing a new shelf so that we can better organize our work area for next year.

We are always looking for new members! If you would like to join us during our off season activities, please stop in during our regular Thursday meetings at our club house from 6:00PM-8:00PM.

Hope to see you there.

Robot Update!

It is halfway through the FIRST Robotics Competition build season! We are making great headway with our robot here at our Clubhouse in Lake County, Florida. We programmed the robot and got the pneumatic system working so we are able to shift. Daniel, our programming team captain, has worked on a balancing algorithm for our robot. He explains it by saying, “When the angle of the bridge changes, the robot goes in the opposite direction and goes slower as the sin keeps changing. We have a dampening function that uses the rate of change of the angle to stop overshooting the goal of balancing the bridge.” We are looking forward to the FRC Regional Competitions in March!