Public Relations

The outreach sub team has been a new addition this year! We work with other FIRST teams and the Lake County community. This year we made a newsletter called N.U.T.S., Neighbors Uniting Together for Science. A member from other teams that we are communicating with sends us an update each Saturday on their team’s progress and it is put out in our newsletter, which goes out every Tuesday. It gives the teams a way to stay informed and keep in touch. Our team mentored at the Drive Train Party hosted by Team 2797 at East Ridge High School, where we helped other rookie teams set up the base of their drive trains. We mentor two teams and communicate with a total of five teams including the two that we mentor. Skype is a new method of communication for us this year, which we have used in communication with Team 3132 from Australia! We also use Skype to communicate with rookie FIRST Team 4222 every Friday to check in on their progress and help them out by giving them suggestions.